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The Teams of XCL Management

We frequently speak with potential tenants who are frustrated with their current leasing situation for a number of reasons: unresponsive management, surprise real estate taxes, common area upkeep costs, little if any upkeep, outdated aesthetics, and lackadaisical maintenance. As a family-owned and operated company in the Orland Park area, XCL Management contributes its continued success to the quality and experience of the teams that handle each division of our company.

Company Management Team: XCL Management is operated by a father and son with over 66 years combined experience in property development, award-winning architectural design, financial analysis, building construction, maintenance and overall management and supervision.  The company was started in 1988 when the owners identified and recognized the need for small scale private office suites for the business professional who wanted to stay close to home and conduct business in a high quality atmosphere. 

Leasing and Property Management Team: Our in-house personnel have over 36 years experience in tenant coordination, marketing, tenant improvements, build-out design, construction supervision, as well as documentation and organizational skills required to efficiently run all tenant, leasing and management aspects of our properties.

Maintenance and Landscaping: All of our landscaping and maintenance requests are handled by our in-house staff, employed full-time by our organization, to perform all routine property maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, construction and development, assistance with tenant needs, and insuring all properties are impeccably maintained on a daily basis.

If you’ve been frustrated with the level of maintenance and service in your current office space, please contact us at 708-478-7777 to set up a free tour. We look forward to showing you how easy and convenient leasing office suites can be.

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"Bill Hickey & Associates has been a tenant with XCL Management for over 10 years. The staff at XCL has been exceptional. The grounds and building are kept in top conditions. All of our calls to your office for service or help are met with quick responses. We thank you for your excellent facilities and great service."

Bill H., financial Advisor